Do I love you, robot, do I?

Documentary film, 60 min. / 56 min., 16 +

Release date: 2021

Director: Julia Kiseleva

Antropomorphic robots root increasingly into our life: they meet us at receptions, teach kids and even live in families as companions. Scientists try to make robots look alike human beings as much as possible. Researching emotional reaction of people to robots
scientists have discovered “uncanny valley” effect in end of 80s: the most humanlike
robots caused to feel a dislike and even a fear. But what will happen when the robots will become identical to human beings? And will they?


Imagine that you have an anthropomorphic robot with an artificial neural network and a human appearance. We do not know if it has conscious and comprehends its actions. Perhaps it can even explain its emotions. We will not be able to understand if it deceives us. As in the famous China Room experiment, we will never know if a machine thinks or imitates thinking.
How to understand that we are facing a robot, not a human? What do scientists do to make the robot a full-fledged companion? Why they invent an anthropomorphic robot?
One of our protagonists is a cyborg. He feels good only after charging his neurostimulator. Another protagonist lives with a synthetic woman. Where is the border between a robot and a human?
The purpose of the film is not only to tell about advanced technologies, but also to ask philosophical questions.